Eagle Time Sign-up

Fri, 09/23/2016 - 8:35pm

Click HERE to access the sign-up for Eagle Time on Wednesday.  You must sign-up by 3 pm on Tuesday.

Centennial High School Eagles' Time

The Purpose: To provide time for students to catch up on missed work, receive additional help, tutoring, make up assessments, meet with your club, and have time to decompress.

Students will sign up online on a weekly basis for Eagle Time location.

Students can report to:

Cafeteria to to eat a snack.
Media Center– this will be a quiet zone for studying, doing work, or reading - limited to 75.
Gym - limited to 100.
Meet with a teacher (for homework, classwork, quiz, support, etc…)
Student Services (questions for their counselor, need to pick up information, quiet study time, Naviance) - limited to 35.
Club Meetings

...or remain in period 2 class

There are over 50 classrooms where you can meet! The auditorium is closed.

You cannot go outside, and you cannot be in the hallways (hallways will be cleared by administration within 5 minutes)

Students must sign-up to access the Media Center, Cafeteria, Gym, Student Services, and to work with a teacher other than their 2nd period teacher.

Teachers will check for a pass when the 2nd period dismissal bell rings.

Use this time effectively and efficiently…do not abuse it!