Wed, 09/13/2017 - 1:41pm

The PSAT will be administered to students in grades 9-11 on Wednesday October 11th during periods 1-3. Freshman will be administered the 8/9 version of the PSAT and Sophomores and Juniors will take the NMSQT version of the PSAT. Students in 10th and 11th grades have received the PSAT-NMSQT Student Guide through their English classes that can be used to find general information about the PSAT including what to bring on test day, get test-taking tips and advice, and try sample questions to familiarize them with the test. The PSAT- 8/9 Student Guide is available in pdf format for 9th grade students and can be found on our CHS webpage as well as 9th grade English teachers have posted this resource to their Canvas page. Parents, please ensure that your child get plenty of rest the night prior, eat a healthy breakfast and be to school on time. We have over 1225 students taking the PSAT and we need to start immediately at 7:25am. Thank you in advance for your assistance. 

Fall 2017 PSAT 8/9 Student Guide

PSAT/NMSQT Student Guide

PSAT 8/9 Power Point Presentation

Acceptable Calculators