Honor Societies & Scholars Program

Academic Honor Societies

International Thespian Society

To support and continue theatre programming, to develop theatrical works, and to promote scholarship within the Theatre Arts.

Jacob Traver | Teacher/Theater and English | jacob_traver@hcpss.org

National Art Honor Society

NAHS strives to mentor new and prospective members in technique, composition, and responsibility. NAHS is a service organization dedicated to producing quality results. Teamwork and collaboration is an important aspect as completing jobs often require groups of 3-4. Fine arts is a consistent subject that engulfs every culture. Centennial NAHS is proud to cultivate ideas and designs inspired from any background.
Sarah Hensley | Teacher/Art | sarah_hensley@hcpss.org | Website
Hannah Elliott | Teacher | hannah_elliott@hcpss.org
Mark Hanssen | Teacher/Art | mark_hanssen@hcpss.org | Website

National Chinese Honor Society

Promote Chinese Language and Culture.

Hui Liang | Teacher/Chinese | hui_liang@hcpss.org

National Dance Honor Society - Delta Eta Pi

Rebecca Clark | Teacher/Dance (ITL) | rebecca_clark@hcpss.org | Centennial High School Dance Program

National English Honor Society

Application-based group: opening spring for following school year. Must meet criteria:

  1. 3.5 unweighted English GPA & 3.0 unweighted overall GPA;
  2. involvement in English Activities;
  3. stellar writing ability (demonstrated in application essay)
Kelli McDonough | Teacher | kelli_mcdonough@hcpss.org

National French Honor Society

French culture appreciation.

Marylynn Doff | Teacher/French | marylynn_doff@hcpss.org

National German Honor Society

German culture appreciation.

Daniel Desmond | Teacher/German, (ITL) | daniel_desmond@hcpss.org

National History Honor Society

Promotes interest in history and provides a platform for historical enrichment, learning, and community service

National Honor Society

Service, Scholarship, Character

Danielle Holzman | Teacher | danielle_holzman@hcpss.org
David Riddler | Teacher | david_riddler@hcpss.org

National Mathematics Honor Society - Mu Alpha Theta

The National Math Honor Society was established in 1921 to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in the students of secondary schools. We hope to create safe tutoring environments and organize fun, mind-stimulating events that encourage the development and utilization of mathematics. To provide free Math tutoring services for students who are struggling, and host a tournament for students from across the county to compete in.

National Science Honor Society

Karen Reynolds | Teacher | karen_reynolds@hcpss.org

National Social Studies Honor Society - Rho Kappa

Rho Kappa National Social Studies Honor Society serves to promote the study of the social sciences, including government, politics, economics, psychology, philosophy, and sociology. We engage students who are passionate about the social sciences and eager to form a more civically involved, socially literate community. This is accomplished through community service events and society activities.

David Riddler | Teacher | david_riddler@hcpss.org

National Spanish Honor Society

Spanish culture appreciation.

Shanna Grimes | Teacher/Spanish | shanna_grimes@hcpss.org

National Technical Honor Society

Honor society for career academy students.

Nancy Smith | Teacher/Tech Ed and PLTW | nancy_c_smith@hcpss.org
Kristin Taylor | Teacher (ITL) | kristin_taylor@hcpss.org

Quill & Scroll Honor Society

Encourage/support diverse achievements of (not limited to:) Wingspan, Aquila, Math Journal, & Eyrie and celebrate student publications.

Kristin Lavender | Teacher (ITL) | Kristin_Lavender@hcpss.org
Lauren Mancini | Teacher | lauren_mancini@hcpss.org
Rus Van Westervelt | Teacher | rus_vanwestervelt@hcpss.org | Website

Tri-M Music Honor Society

Volunteer organization serving musical community/spreads the joy of music. Enrollment in a music ensemble is required.

David Matchim | Teacher/Band | david_matchim@hcpss.org | CHS Music

Centennial Scholars Program