ABCs of Clubs...

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Active Minds

Active Minds is devoted to improving mental health and reduce stigma surrounding mental illness at Centennial.

Alpha Achievers

Develop African American males to academic excellence, leadership and community service.

American Cancer Society

The Centennial High School Chapter of the American Cancer Society is dedicated to raising awareness for cancer research and raising funds to donate to the National American Cancer Society.

Anime Club

Come join us to watch anime, play games, and make friends!

Aquila, Centennial's Literary Magazine

Produce a literary magazine.

Astronomy & Rocket Club

Astronomy Club is a great place for anyone interested or passionate about astronomy! Come join us to learn about astronomy, work on interesting projects, participate in star parties, and meet people with the same interests as you!

Badminton Club

Play Badminton (

The Badminton Club is a welcoming place, for anyone with an intimate passion for racquet sports, to those who just want to have some fun with friends! You don’t need to be skilled, you just need to be here!


Provide/foster a sisterhood for young girls in our community through virtual activities (poss: in person). Teach the importance of leadership, self-love, and education. Discuss a monthly topic.

Best Buddies

Gain awareness of disabled students. Pair students with disabilities with a typical peer encouraging relationships and friendships.

Beyond the Hashtag

Student-led group that strives to promote activism in school communities and inform and engage students on current events and issues both nationally and internationally. We serve as both a platform and resource for students to help one another become involved in issues they care about long after they cease to trend on social media.

BIPOC United

Promote solidarity/unity to fight against racism. Educate to respect/properly treat others, current racial issues awareness. Open to ALL students

Boys Volleyball

Provide opportunity for boys and girls to play volleyball

BSU (Black Student Union)

Black students and allies dedicated to providing a safe space for Black students. Strengthen and amplify the voices and experiences of Black people through education, discussion, celebration, service.

C# A capella

Student-run ensemble that works together to learn a cappella music. Audition only.

Chess Club

Chess Club is a welcoming club for anyone interested in chess. If you have past chess experience, or you just want to play for fun, we’ll make sure you have a great time!

What We Do:

  • Give lessons to new chess players
  • Hold online chess tournaments


Chinese club is an inclusive space that promotes Chinese culture and bring cultural awareness through group activities.

Clothing Collective

Repurpose clothing for charities and to alter/fix costumes for the theater department

Colors of Coats

Colors for Coats is an organization that aims to spread awareness about important issues in the public health field through creative means.

Computer Technologies Club (CTC)

Girls Who Code is a global movement to close the gender gap in technology and change the image of what a programmer looks like. Over 90,000 girls of all backgrounds in all 50 states are already part of the crusade. Join the movement!

As a club, we …

  • Participate in local hackathons and coding competitions
  • Develop apps pertaining to issues in society
  • Learn new languages and skills 


Computer Technologies Club (CTC) / Pyoneers

Inspire coding/outreach to teach coding. A club for anyone interested in coding, game design, 3D modeling, Android development and, LAN Gaming and anything else related to computer science. Come one, come all!

Benefits of joining:

  • Learn Python, the best coding language to learn in 2020!
  • Explore different aspects of programming by participating in different events.
  • Have the opportunity to win prizes and get recognition at hackathons and ACSL.
  • Meet different types of people and have fun!

Creactive Youth

Provide happiness to young children effected by Covid through various service activities like: tutoring, letters, live/virtual performances, arts and crafts.

Culinary Club

Culinary Club is the place to go to cook good food and make new friends! All skill levels are welcome. The only requirement is a love of food. Gain valuable experience cooking for college! (Don’t get stuck eating burnt ramen-learn to make quick and cheap meals!)

Current Events Symposium

We provide an open bipartisan space for students to participate in discussions on current events and social issue topics in pursuit of creating a more meaningful and cognizant understanding amongst the student body.

Contact Information:


IG:  chs.symposium


What We Do - Learn skills to secure and harden a multitude of Operating Systems such as Linux, Windows and Cisco

Award Opportunities - Compete on state and national levels. Join a network of experienced high school coders

No Experience Needed. Join a team of passionate and dedicated coders. We welcome all members regardless of your experience.


Develop critical thinking/ logic reasoning/speaking-persuading skills through discussion of societal, economic, governmental, and political issues. Break the echo chamber many of us live in by subjecting ourselves to different opinions.

Educators Rising

If you’ve ever thought about going into teaching, or the education field, Educators Rising is the place for you! Even if you just want to know more about teachers or teaching, you’re always welcome!

Empire Mock Trial

Audition-based competition team portraying prosecution/plaintiff & defense. Learn about law, questioning/acting, public speaking, analytical reasoning.Team meets mostly over the summer.

We are currently the sole team in Maryland competing in the Empire Mock Trial competition. We prepare over the summer for competitions in the fall. Since we prepare over the summer, we already have our team for this year, but check back in with us in the late winter/early spring! We hope to see you audition!

Ethics Bowl

Fosters interest in philosophy/ethics. Cases prepared for Nat'l High School Ethics Bowl. Outreach at middle schools.

FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America)

FBLA is the oldest and largest student business organization in the world.  Members participate in competitive events, attend regional, state and national conferences and participate in business skill building sessions, workshops and field trips.  Members also can participate in the Millionaire's club or various other competitions such as the stock market game. We prepare students for the business world.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

Since 1954, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes has been challenging coaches and athletes on the professional, college, high school, junior high and youth levels to use the powerful medium of athletics to impact the world for Jesus Christ. FCA focuses on serving local communities by equipping, empowering and encouraging people to make a difference for Christ.

Film & Photo Club

Our club teaches members basic storyboarding, shooting, and editing techniques through a series of creative prompts and ideas for either individually or collaboratively produced videos and photos. 

We also produce videos for events and clubs happening at Centennial.  We’re open to students of all levels and encourage anyone interested in video or photography to join!

French Club

French club is dedicated to promoting a welcoming environment surrounding french language and culture. At our meetings we will eat french food, watch french movies, and participate in french games

No french language experience is required... all are welcome to join!

Follow us @CHSfrancaisclub (twitter)

Girl STEMpowerment

Encourage girls to go into STEM fields through monthly workshops.

Girl Up Foundation

At Girl Up, a United Nations Foundation initiative, our mission is to spread female empowerment and promote the health, safety, education, and leadership of girls in developing countries.

Green School

Members of the Centennial Green School are determined activists focused on advocating awareness and change about the Earth's worsening condition. We work different activities and jobs around the school in order to create a more eco-friendly environment for our building and improve the education surrounding the climate change debate.


Service to senior residents through virtual volunteering. We collect students' videos of performances, read alouds, arts & crafts tutorials, and more. Collaborate w/clubs,honor societies for credit opportunity

Helping Hands

At Helping Hands we seek to help those in need within our community and beyond!

We work closely with Kenya Connect, an organization that empowers rural communities in Kenya.  This is an opportunity to become pen pals with students in Kenya!

We work with local organizations to make lunches and wellness bags for the homeless

HoCo Hacks

HocoHacks is Howard County's high school-run hackathon, where students from various middle and high schools across the county get the opportunity to collaborate on coding projects and compete for prizes. Whether you want to learn to code, or to flex your coding abilities, HocoHacks brings together coders of all different skill sets to collectively promote the knowledge of code.


We aid the community through community service events.


Together we see a world where people take action to create lasting change across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.

Interact clubs organize at least two projects every year, one that helps their school or community and one that promotes international understanding.

If you have any questions feel free to email us:

Investment Club

Learn about different ways of investing.

It's Academic

The It's Academic club at Centennial competes at numerous quiz bowl tournaments throughout the year, where participants answer questions covering a broad range of subjects, from history to chemistry to even sports. These competitions test not only your depth of knowledge in certain areas, but also your ability to buzz quickly, similar to Jeopardy. It's Academic itself is a televised academic quiz bowl competition aired on CBS. Every year, our club sends a team of three top players to compete against other teams in the area.

JSU (Jewish Student Union)

A meeting group to promote the union between the Jewish and non Jewish members of the CHS community

KASA (Korean American Student Association)

KASA is a place where students can learn about Korean culture

  • You can learn about Korean culture
  • Special Korean holidays
  • Meet new people and make friends

Key Club

Building character/leadership through serving our community both in/out of the school setting



Kpop Club, formally known as BTK (Bonding Through Kpop) we provide a fun and inclusive environment where members can learn kpop dances, talk about their favorite groups, and bond through Kpop. 

We also learn dances that we perform during WorldFest, and form stronger bonds through that process.

Language Links

We strive to ensure that all students, especially those multiple language backgrounds, succeed academically as they adjust to their school climate. Beyond that, we aim to build a strong sense of community and friendship, encouraging growth outside the classroom.

Latinx Student Group

Provide a platform for our Latino/Hispanic Heritage students to get to know one another and discuss issues that are important to them.

LEFA (Leaders of Economics and Finance in America)

LEFA provides resources and opportunities for the leaders of tomorrow, focusing on the real-world applications of economics and finance. Along with students across the nation, like-minded students at Centennial participate in workshops, conferences, and presentations with speakers that are experts in economics and finance (professors, entrepreneurs, company executives, etc.). Students gain experience through competing in:


Craft letters and create artwork for senior centers and hospitals.

Lines of Love

If you’d like to learn how making friendship bracelets can bring mental health support to students, as well as gain access to mental health information and resources, this is the club for you!


Volunteer and fundraise for the Make-A-Wish foundation.

Be the change in the world, one wish at a time.

Maryland Voices

Maryland’s first creative nonfiction journal run by high school students!  Maryland Voices is a state journal based at CHS and run by CHS students! We publish an annual journal with the the 50 best creative nonfiction pieces written by high school students.

We are currently open for submissions! For guidelines, visit: 

Contact us:

Math Journal

The CHS Math Journal provides students in our community the opportunity to explore intriguing mathematics topics outside of the classroom. Students produce articles about topics in the fields of both pure and applied math and physics. Students are encouraged to explore new and creative aspects in these broad fields. 

Check out past editions on our website:

Math Team

We hold weekly practices to prepare for a variety of math competitions, including ARML, HMMT, and the AMC Series.

We also train and organize teams to represent our school in the monthly Howard County Math League. Join our team to help us beat River Hill! The Top 40 students in the county even get to represent Howard County at ARML!

For more information, contact us at

Mock Trial

Audition-based competition team. Mock trial is a competitive extracurricular in which students simulate a civil or criminal trial. The case is written by legal experts and we present the case in front of real judges and attorneys. We compete as both prosecution/plaintiff and defense, and competing students either play lawyers or witnesses.

Model United Nations (MUN)

The Model UN is an organization that promotes international awareness and peaceful conflict resolution by giving students the opportunity to participate in conferences held at various universities and high schools. It simulates the United Nations, where delegates engage in research of historical and current international issues, write proposals, resolve conflicts, and engage in debates with fellow conference attendees.

Music Mentors

Provide supplemental music lessons to students throughout the CHS feeder system.

Music Outreach Program

Perform free live music.

Muslim Student Association (MSA)

The Muslim Student Association is a club that works to build a comfortable enviroment for muslims and non-muslims. 

What we do:

  • Awareness days: Where we advocate for countries in distress to help raise awareness for them. 
  • Eid Parties!! That include henna and lots of food!!!
  • Jummah Prayers

Contact us:


Instagram: @centennialmsa

Outdoor Club

To discuss and participate in outdoor activities while be stewards of nature.


Book club to connect over YA fiction. One book a month, which we will discuss over two different mtgs.

Paper Bridges

Paper Bridges is a student run, non-profit organization where we are dedicated to spreading love and hope to orphans around the world through writing letters.


Fundraise for local animal welfare organizations and raise awareness of animal welfare issues.

Pencils of Promise (PoP)

Global education based service organization. We focus on raising awareness for the Pencils of Promise organization that helps build schools, provide teachers with resources, and students with safe and hygienic learning environments.

Personality Psyche Club

Normalize the varying configural differences that comprise human personalities, such that no one is hereafter subjected to the ontological assault of being told that “there’s something wrong with them,” when in reality that aspect of the self being critiqued is a normal and healthy expression of their type.


Ping Pong

To encourage CHS students to connect with one another while playing ping pong and improving their skills.

Pre-Med Club

A place where students can: learn about the field of medicine, volunteer in the community, enrich their experiences, and engage in activities that help them continue on their pathway to a medical career. We aim to create a nurturing environment for students to continue or start on their journey to a career in medicine.

Red Cross

The Centennial Red Cross Club exists to help the American Red Cross provide compassionate care and help to those in need.

Built on a network of volunteers, donors, and employees with a similar goal, the CHS Red Cross Club hosts meetings, activities, and events throughout the year to help students get involved


Construct robots, compete against other teams and promote STEM education.

  • Compete in the international FIRST Tech Challenge robotics competition
  • Improve your career skill-sets in engineering, programming, marketing, business, and communication
  • Increase your community involvement through educational, professional, and community outreach

RPG Gaming & Strategy

The RPG Gaming and Strategy Club exists to foster student engagement and community through physical games, including but not limited to board games, tabletop games, and card games.

SAGA - Sexuality and Gender Alliance

Create a safe place for LGBTQ+ students and their allies.

Salvation Army Club

Our club focuses on service in the school and the community. Earn service hours by:

  • Attending meetings 
  • Helping out at club events 
  • Volunteering at Kettle Drives, food pantries/kitchens, etc. 

一 Our Club Meetings 一

  • Meetings are a chance to have fun with friends while earning valuable skills: 
  • Leadership - plan and prepare for large events 
  • Compassion - directly help or fundraise for local organizations

Instagram: @CentennialSalvationArmy

Scholars Leadership Program

This is a service based honor society for ladies of color from grades 10-12 designed to foster a sense of empowerment. We strive to promote leadership development, confidence, and academic excellence in each and all of our members.

Science Bowl

(Inactive until school is in person) - To compete in the state and national science bowl competitions.

Science Journal

The CHS Science Journal provides an opportunity for students to research, write, and engage in articles about science.

Science Olympiad Club

At least one full-day Saturday competition occurs in January, February, March, April, and May. The Science Olympiad Club is an active participant in the Maryland and National Science Olympiad. Science Olympiad is a national non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of K-12 science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education, increasing student interest in science, creating a technologically literate workforce and providing recognition for outstanding achievement by both students and teachers.

Speech and Debate Club

Are you interested in:

  • Public Speaking?
  • Communication?
  • Writing?
  • Research?
  • Theatre?
  • Critical Thinking?
  • Current events?
  • World politics?
  • Increasing college admission chances?
  • And more?

Centennial Speech and Debate is for you!

No matter your career interests, Speech & Debate teaches crucial skills applicable in any area or field. Compete in monthly tournaments that accompass relevant topics every 1-2 months! 

Spiritual Club

The purpose of the spiritual Club at Centennial is to teach people how to be and remain in the present moment, learn about outside validation and how that affects authenticity, belief system, and perspective thinking. The book: A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle will be read and provide guidance for discussion.

Ultimate Disc

We play Ultimate Frisbee! We teach each other strategies and techniques and share our enthusiasm for the sport with anyone who joins us. All are welcome!

Writer's Club

Looking for a fun and relaxed writing environment to test your skills? Then join us to write and share stories with the Writing club!

Young Dems

In Young Dems, we provide a safe space with opportunities to:

  • Learn more and stay updated on current events in politics
  • Discuss and debate political topics
  • Volunteer for campaigns and voter registration
  • Get socially and politically active through fundraising and protests

Zaching Against Cancer

Increase community awareness of the Zaching Against Cancer Foundation.