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Jennifer McKechnie | School Counselor (ITL), (A-Co) |
JaeHi Hebler | School Counselor (I-Mc) |
Irene Khaksari | School Counselor, (Sh-Z) |
Todd Kriner | School Counselor (Cp-H) |
Chris Sanders | School Counselor (Md-Sg) |
Stacy Rosuck | School Psychologist |
Soyoun Choi | International Achievement Liaison |
Sydney Michener | Black Student Achievement Program (BSAP) Achievement Liaison |
Cathy Aballo | Registrar All Students (A-N) |
Kimberly Tracy | Registrar All Students (O-Z) |
Page Barnes | Data Clerk |
Carole Sormanti | School Counseling Secretary |
Heather Graham | PPW |

Student Services - Essential Resources

Accident and Medical Insurance

Accident Insurance

The school system does not carry medical insurance for accidents that occur at school, including non-sport related injuries, such as trips and falls, physical education injuries, and recess/playground injuries. Thus, parents are encouraged to enroll students in the accident insurance program offered through HCPSS.

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Medical Insurance

The Maryland Children’s Health Insurance Program (MCHIP) is available for families, pregnant women, and children in need of medical insurance. Applications are available through the school health assistant or by contacting the Howard County Health Department at 410-313-7500.

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