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Centennial HS Presents Its Fall, 2021, Athletic Orientation Night
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CHS Fall Athletic Orientation Program - Power Point Presentation

CHS Athletics Information - Updated Information (June 23, 2021)

The HCPSS 2021-2022 Fall Athletic Season will begin with Try-outs on Wednesday, August 11, 2021. Parents and Guardians are urged to plan family vacations around this date in order for their children to attend try-outs and begin the Fall Athletic Season on this date. The Fall Sports try-out schedule for the first day of try-outs will be posted on the CHS Website by July 15th, 2021. Please email the Head Coach of each sport if you have any questions regarding try-outs. A list of all CHS Fall Coaches is listed below and can also be found under the tab, All CHS Coaches Information.  

Fall Sports Try-outs will begin on Wednesday, August 11, 2021. Students interested in trying out for a Fall Sport must complete the Online Athletic Registration thru HCPSS Connect ( no later than August 6th, 2021. ALL Participation forms are to be completed electronically online, including the HCPSS COVID-19 form. Two documents must be uploaded to the parent portal, the Pre-participation Physical, dated on or after April 1, 2021, and a recent BGE Utility bill dated no later than July, 2021. 


INSTRUCTIONS FOR SUBMITTING TRYOUT PAPERWORK ONLINE (Do not use Cell Phones, Use Parent Portal, Allow Pop Ups, and Limit File Size (4MB) for all uploads).

1.     Login to your HCPSS Connect Portal (Parents & Guardian MUST use the parental login.  Using your students log in info. will not allow you to register); Once logged in, go to the menu on the left and click the bottom option More Options.  ​If you have more than one student, make sure you have selected the correct student from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

2.     Click on Athletic Registration on the right-hand side Menu,

3.     Click on the Athletic Participation Form and begin filling out form (All sports will be indicated as varsity)

4.     Once you hit Save- all the other forms will open on the left tab

5.     Complete all the forms: Athletic Participation Form, Sudden Cardiac Arrest Form, Concussion Information, Concussion testing program, and recent COVID-19 Awareness form. Please complete all additional document.  Do not skip or leave any boxes blank. 

6.     Upload the following forms: Pre-participation Physical Evaluation Form dated on/after April 1, 2021. Upload ALL pages of the Physical Examination Form (including COVID last page).  Older physicals will not be accepted.

7.     Upload a RECENT BGE Utility bill (BGE bill must be dated no later than July 1, 2021 or any earlier than two months prior to the start of the sports season). **No Cell Phone Bills will be accepted** 

**Reminder: Physicals for Athletics are different from those used to register to attend school and wellness visits are not considered a physical.

** Reminder: Just because you have submitted all paper work, the AAM must verify the documents are complete, accurate and meet HCPSS guidelines.


Daily Tryout Schedule, Reminder that practices begin immediately after final rosters are set.  


Any questions? Email the Head Fall Sport Coach below. Additional information will be forthcoming.

Allied Co-Ed Soccer - Coach Eddie Fowler – Edward_Fowler

Varsity Cheerleading - TBA

Boys Cross Country – Robert Slopek –

Girls Cross Country - Kevin McCoy –

Field Hockey – Natalie Fyock –

JV Football – Sean Alkire – 

Varsity Football – William Martin -

Golf – Stephen Lee –

JV Boys Soccer – Brandon Bascilio –

Varsity Boys Soccer – Justin Thomas –

JV Girls Soccer – Gina Ianazzi –

Varsity Girls Soccer – Hank Hurren –

Volleyball – Michael Bossom –


Updated Physical Form link:

Updated Covid Information Form Link:


2021-22 School Year - Start Dates for the Sports Season:

Fall Sports - August 11, 2021

Winter Sports - November 15, 2021

Spring Sports - March 1, 2022



1.  Complete online registration before an athlete is allowed to tryout?  Yes

2.  How long are tryouts?  Student athletes are given 3 days from the scheduled start date for tryouts

3.  When do practices begin after tryouts?  Regular Practices begin immediately after rosters are finalized at the end of tryout period.

4.  How long is the Impact Test (Concussion Baseline) good for?  The Impact test baseline is good for 2 years.

5.  What is the roster size for _______ ?  Each team roster is determined by the coaching staff.

6.  Why do we have to begin on a particular date (i.e. August 11 for Fall, November 15 for Winter, and March 1 for Spring)? 

The MPSSAA establishes start dates for all sports in Maryland  

A member MPSSAA school (includes athletes) may not participate in a regularly scheduled game until at least 20 calendar days have elapsed after and including the first day of practice.  Golf is the only exception.

This is why we are required to begin on August 11th so we have enough days (including the 3 Heat Acclimation days) of practice before the 1st play date which happens to be Friday September 3, 2021.

Issues could arise if we don't allow enough time for proper Heat Acclimation and/or preparation of athletes.

7.  What is the link for the NCAA Eligibility Center? contact information? (For student athletes interested or planning to play in college)

For students and parents with eligibility questions:
877/262-1492 (toll free)

Additional NCAA information can be found at


Guidelines for Parent/Coach Communication

Parent/Coach Relationship:

By establishing an understanding of each position, we are better able to accept the actions of the other and provide greater benefits to our children. As parents, when your children become involved in our program, you have a right to understand what expectations are placed on your child. This begins with clear communication from the coach of your child’s program.

Communication you should expect from your child’s coach:

1. Philosophy of the coach.
2. Expectations the coach has for your child as well as all the players of the squad.
3. Locations and times of all practices and contests.
4. Team requirements, i.e. fees, special equipment, off-season conditioning.
5. Procedure should your child be injured during participation.
6. Discipline that result in the denial of your child’s participation. 

Communication coaches expect from parents:

1. Concerns expressed directly to coach.
2. Notification of any schedule conflicts well in advance.
3. Specific concern in regard to a coach’s philosophy and/or expectations.

As your children become involved in programs at Glenelg, they will experience some of the most rewarding moments of their lives. It is important to understand that there also may be times when things do not go the way you or your child wishes. At these times, discussion with the coach is encouraged.

Appropriate concerns to discuss with coaches:

1. The treatment of your child, mentally or physically.
2. Ways to help your child improve.
3. Concerns about your child’s behavior.

It is very difficult to accept your child not playing as much as you may want. However, playing time is earned in the estimation of the coaches and is not an entitlement. Coaches are professionals and they make judgment decisions based on what they believe to be the best for all students involved. As you have read from the list above, certain things can be and should be discussed with the coach.

Issues not appropriate to discuss with coaches:

1. Playing time

2. Team strategy

3. Play calling

4. Other student-athletes

There are situations that may require a conference between the coach and the parent. It is important that both parties involved have a clear understanding of the others’ position. When these conferences are necessary, the following procedure should be followed to help promote a resolution to the issue of concern.

Procedures to follow to discuss a concern with a coach:

1. Wait 24 hours before you make initial contact with the coach.
2. After you have waited 24 hours call or email the coach to set-up an appointment.
3. If the coach cannot be reached, email/call Dan Sageman, the Athletics and Activities Manager, and a meeting will be arranged for you.

Please do not attempt to confront a coach before or after a contest or practice. These can be emotional times for both the parent and the coach. Meetings of this nature do not promote resolution. This is why waiting 24 hours before the initial contact with the coach is such a crucial step in the resolution process.

Parents are encouraged to discuss issues and problems with the Athletics and Activities Manager. However, if a parent has specific complaint regarding a coach, then the coach must have the opportunity to be present to meet with the parent.


Academic Eligibility

A full-time high school student earns academic eligibility to participate in extracurricular activities by maintaining a 2.0 grade-point average (GPA), calculated using credit or non-credit courses, with no more than one failing grade for the marking period which governs eligibility for that activity. If a student withdraws from a course, the grades at the time of withdrawal will be used in determining academic eligibility.

Athletic Rules of Conduct

At all Howard County athletic events, we strive to provide a pleasant and safe environment for all spectators and participants. We ask fans to refrain from:

  • Intimidating or harassing the players, coaches, officials, or fans
  • Using profanity
  • Throwing objects
  • Entering the playing area
  • Loitering in the hallways or on the grounds
  • Those who fail to abide by the Rules of Conduct will be asked to leave the contest, and could result in a trespass letter banning the spectator from future athletic events at the school.

Admission is a privilege to observe a contest, not a license to display insensitive or offensive behavior. Enjoy the event! Be a fan, not a fanatic!

Athletic Participation Resources

Athletic Participation Form

Student athletic policy agreement form for new student athletes.

Sports Concussion Testing Program and Release of Information

Agreement for families that acknowledge HCPSS may administer pre-concussion baseline testing and post-concussion testing after a sports-related injury.

HCPSS Athletics Concussion Information Sheet

Overview of concussion signs and symptoms that can occur in student athletes.

Pre-participation Physical Evaluation Form

Physician forms for future student athletes to fill out prior to sport seasons.

Medication Procedure Information

Protocols for administration of student medication during school hours along with a medication administration history form for physicians.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Information

Acknowledgement statement and guidelines for identifying and responding to a cardiac arrest scenario.