Wed, 06/08/2022 - 12:36pm

Attention ALL students interested in trying out for a FALL Sport!!!  Fall Sports Online Registration IS NOW thru the Parent Portal at HCPSS Connect.  All students interested in trying out for a Fall Sport MUST have their Parent/Guardian complete their Online Athletic Registration thru their Parent Portal at HCPSS Connect.  REGISTRATION FOR FALL SPORTS WILL CLOSE AT MIDNIGHT ON FRIDAY, AUGUST 9TH!!!  All incoming 9th graders are to have a Physical examination dated on or after April 1, 2024, all rising 10th, 11th and 12th Grade Students are to have a Physical dated within one year from August 14th, 2023 or dated on or after April 1, 2024. Please contact your Physician today to make an appointment if your child's Physical examination does not the criteria for valid Physicals above.  Please contact your physician to make an appointment today if your child's physical examination does not meet the above requirements.

Fall sports Try-outs begin Wednesday, August 14th.  All students must have completed their online registration in order to tryout. For more information regarding online athletic registration, please log on to the chs.hcpss.org website or see the attached Instructions. 

ONLINE ATHLETIC REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS - 6/25/24 - Parents/guardians are to complete and sign the following Documents thru HCPSS Connect:

Go to https://www.hcpss.org/connect (Links to an external ite.);               
Do not use your Mobile Phone; 
Login to your HCPSS Connect Portal (Parents & Guardian MUST use the parental login.  Using your students log in information will not allow you to register);
Once logged in, go to the menu on the left and click the bottom option, “More Options” (Family File, Reports Cards, etc.).  ​If you have more than one student make sure you have selected the student from the drop down menu at the top of the page.) 
Click on Athletic Registration on the right hand side Menu, select the correct season Fall/Winter/Spring; 
Complete all of the following forms AND E-Sign each one at the bottom of each page, click Save & Next to go thru each Document…Do not skip or leave any boxes blank. 

Parent Authorization Form
Sudden Cardiac Arrest Form
Concussion Information Sheet
Concussion Testing form
Covid 19 Awareness form
Sudden Cardiac Arrest form

Upload the following forms: Physical Examination Form.  Upload ALL pages of      the Physical Examination Form.  Older physicals will not be accepted.  (File sizes must be lower than 4 MB);
Upload a RECENT Utility bill, preferably a June/July/August, 2024, Bill for Fall Sports;  October/November 2024, BGE Bill for Winter Sports;  A February or March, 2025, BGE Bill for Spring Sports (BGE, Water, Cable,…);  Bills older than June/July, 2024, uploaded for a Fall Sports Registration will not be accepted.  


*  Make sure Pop Ups are Allowed;                                           

*  Registrations MUST BE DONE on a  Parents/Guardians HCPSS Connect Account;                                                                                                                    

*  FILE SIZE Limits of 4MB for Physicals and  Utility – Try uploading one page at a time;                                                                                                                     

 * Do Not Use your Cell Phone - users have been receiving error messages when using their cell phones to Register.                                                                        

* Registration will close on 8/9/24!

Fall Coach’s Name                         Sport                                      E-Mail Address

Eddie Fowler                                 Allied Co-Ed Soccer                 Edward_Fowler@hcpss.org             

C’yana Denby                                Varsity Cheerleading                ceeyahnah@gmail.com                      

Chris Graff                                     Boys Cross Country                 cjamesgraff@gmail.com                    

Kevin McCoy                                 Girls Cross Country                   Kevin_McCoy @hcpss.org                 

Todd Petrlik                                   Varsity Field Hockey                Todd Petrlik@hcpss.org                     

Kelsea Valance                              JV Field Hockey                      Kelsea_Valance@hcpss.org               

Corey Eudell                                  Varsity Football                       Corey_Eudell@hcpss.org                  

Khalif Green                                   JV Football                             Khalif_Green29@yahoo.com           

Robert Slopek                               Golf                                        Robert_Slopek@hcpss.org                   

Kyle Farson                                  JV Boys Soccer                      Kyle_Farson@hcpss.org                       

Leo Conti                                     Varsity Boys Soccer                 Leandro_Conti@hcpss.org                  

Chris Taylor                                  Varsity Girls Soccer                 chrismtaylor@verizon.net                     

Jada Lee                                      JV Girls Soccer                        Jada_Lee@hcpss.org                      

Michael Bossom                          Varsity Volleyball                       Michael_Bossom@hcpss.org

Rachel Valenti                              JV Volleyball                            Rachel_Valenti@hcpss.org

Denis Ahearn                               9th Volleyball                            Denis_Ahearn@hcpss.org  

Questions regarding Fall Sports? Please email the Coach above or email the Athletics & Activities Manager, Ms. Jeannie Prevosto @ Jeannie_Prevosto@hcpss.org