School Hours and Transportation

Thu, 08/03/2023 - 10:54am


Effective Wednesday, September 20 the official school hours for Centennial High School for the 2023-2024 school year, as set by the HCPSS Board of Education, will be 7:50 AM to 2:35 PM. 

Students who arrive at/after 7:50 AM are considered tardy and may receive disciplinary consequences.

Students can arrive as early as 7:00 AM, as our cafeteria is open.Students who arrive before 7:30 AM will wait outside or go to the cafeteria. Students enter through the main doors in the bus loop area (they have to walk on the sidewalk at the auditorium entrance to the front) that lead directly into the cafeteria. Students may NOT enter the school building before 7:30 AM without a teacher pass (with the exception of the cafeteria). 


Bus transportation is coordinated for our school by the HCPSS Office of Transportation. Concerns regarding transportation should be reported first to our school. If you have concerns that cannot be resolved at the school level (i.e., new route, no route, move a bus stop location) please submit a Transportation Contact Form, which sends your concern directly to the Office of Transportation.

Transportation Contact Form - English

Transportation Contact Form - Spanish