Revised Non-Transportation Boundaries for the 2018-2019

Wed, 05/09/2018 - 2:22pm

With the installation of two pathways in Centennial Lane Park, the non-transported area for Centennial High School will be expanded.  The lack of a connection pathway from Centennial Overlook to Woodbridge Ct and Northbrook Ct required us to provide transportation. The installation of these pathways now places the community within the non-transportation area according to Board of Education Policy.  The measurement review, in accordance with the Board of Education Policy 5200, took place in April 2018 with the assistance of the Board of Directors of the Centennial Overlook community.

The following streets have been added to the non-transportation area which encompasses the entire Centennial Overlook neighborhood.

Wellford Drive
Tenney Court
Edmond Court
Squirrel Hill Way

Board of Education Policy 5200 that governs eligibility:

Transportation services will be provided to students when the distance between their home and the home school is greater than 1.5 miles for grades 9 through 12.
The bona fide residence of the parent/guardian will be used to determine eligibility for transportation services.Distances will be calculated as follows:
Detached homes and townhouses – Measurements will be from the residence property line to the property line of the school.

Apartment complexes and condominiums – Measurements will be from the entrance to the building to the property line of the school.