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The AP Program currently offers more than 30 courses across multiple subject areas. Each course is developed by a committee composed of college faculty and AP teachers, and covers the breadth of information, skills, and assignments found in the corresponding college course.

AP courses are taught by highly qualified high school teachers who use the AP Course Descriptions to guide them. The Course Description for each discipline outlines the course content, describes the curricular goals of the subject, and provides sample examination questions. While the Course Descriptions are a significant source of information about the course content on which the AP Exams will be based, AP teachers have the flexibility to determine how this content is presented.

Centennial High School is proud to offer a wide range of AP courses to students in all 4 grade levels. Students interested in taking AP courses should look at the Course Catalog for options or speak with their Guidance Counselor. On this page, students and parents can find information about Advanced Placement Courses offered by College Board and taught at CHS.


The registration period for the 2019 AP Exams will begin on 3/4. Students will register for exams using Naviance. Registration is only open to student accounts.  Registration is complete once a signed copy of the survey is submitted with payment.

Normal registration will begin on 3/4 and end on 3/24. The cost per exam will be $94. Late registration will begin on 3/25 and end on 4/7. The cost per exam will be $94 + $25 = $119. Last minute late registration will begin 4/8 and end on 4/1. The cost per exam will be $94 + $55 = $149. NO REGISTRATIONS CAN BE ACCEPTED AFTER APRIL 12th. Step-by-step directions are included in the link below.

Steps to Register

  • Log into Naviance and under the “About me” tab click on “My Surveys” and then “Not Started”.
  • Complete the 2019 AP Registration form.  If you need a fee waiver it is part of the same survey (Qs 9&10).
  • Print 2 copies of the completed survey. (One for you to keep and one to turn in.)
  • Have parent/guardian sign (with a pen) at Question 12.
  • Either use the online payment system on CentennialEagles.org (under essential applications) OR write a check for your total amount.

Students should deliver ONE of their completed Registration Form with their check or proof of online payment to the AP drop box in the Bookkeeper’s office. (Near the health room)

Look at the full registration directions for information about fee reductions, late testing, refunds, and disability accommodations.

2019 AP Exam Registation (full directions)



Students can make as many online payments during the window of registration as necessary thus creating an individualized payment plan for multiple exams. Any payment made by check must be for the full amount.  There is a 4% handling fee for online payments.

Online Payment 

Exam Location

Language exams are held at Centennial HS.  This includes Spanish, German, French, Chinese and Japanese.  All other exams are administered off-site at Covenent Church (4550 Centennial Lane, Ellicott City, MD 21042).  Students must provide their own transportation to and from the exam, so please plan accordingly.  Exams are generally 3 ½ hours and begin at 8am or 12pm.  Students MUST arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of an exam. 

If you have questions, please contact Ms. Covington, AP Coordinator at acovington@hcpss.org, (410) 313-2856