Course Registrations 20/21 School Year

Mon, 01/06/2020 - 9:50am

Centennial High School

2020-2021 Course Registration

Frequently Asked Questions


What Materials do I need for course registration?

You will receive a printed List of Teacher Recommendations with instructions on how to enter course selections in Synergy (a tutorial video is also available to you and your parents in Canvas announcements), and Quick Reference Course Number Sheet for next year’s grade level. The HCPSS Catalog of Approved High School Courses is available on-line at and will provide detailed course descriptions as well as other important information.


What are the graduation course and credit requirements?

You need a total of twenty-one credits to graduate. Courses in bold are required:

4 Credits English- English 9, 10, 11, 12
3 Credits Math (*Students must be enrolled in a math class all 4 years) Algebra I, and Geometry are required for graduation.
3 Credits Social Studies- US History, American Government and  Modern World     History
3 Credits Science - Students must take 3 science courses that are aligned to the Maryland next generation science standards and will prepare them to pass the Maryland Integrated Science Assessment (MISA). Science teachers have made recommendations based on this information.
1 Credit Fine Arts ( Art, Band, Dance, Music, Orchestra, Theatre – see course catalog for a list of courses that will fulfill this credit)
1 Credit Technology Education (see catalog for courses that fulfill this credit)
½ Credit 9th grade Lifetime Fitness
½ Credit 9th grade Health
1-3 Credits Electives (additional courses of interest that are not required)
Program Choice (choose one for graduation requirement)

 2 Credits World Language (Spanish, French, German and Chinese offered at CHS)
 or 2 Credits-Advanced Technology
 or  4 Credits-Career and Technology Completer Program (Career Academy)


What are other requirements? 

Pass each required Assessment (Check the course catalog or see your counselor if you are not sure what assessments you need to graduate). Complete 75 hours of Community Service (Most finished if you attended 3 years at an HCPSS middle school. If you did not, contact your counselor). World of Work experience (completed in junior year through Student Services and English).


I’m interested in the Career Academies. How can I find out more about them?

HCPSS has over twenty Career Academies! Some are taught at CHS and others are held at the ARL building. Most begin in the junior year, but some can start as early as 9th grade please check carefully. To view the career academy options, go to the on-line catalog at


What are the differences between Honors, GT and AP courses?

The higher the course level, the higher the expectations and challenge. If you earn an A, B, or C in an honors course, you earn an extra .5 quality points on your weighted Grade Point Average (GPA). For GT and AP courses you earn a full (1.0) quality point. (See on-line catalog for weighted GPA details.) Your report card will show both your weighted and unweighted GPA.


I have all of my materials, what do I do next?

Teachers have made recommendations for graduation requirement classes in Synergy. These courses are pre-printed and given to you during your 5th period class. You will enter your elective course selections in Synergy. Instructions on how to do this are listed on the sheet with your teacher recommendations. You will select seven courses (including the courses your teachers have entered) and you will need to include three alternate courses in case your first choice electives are unavailable. Challenge yourself to take higher level courses, but maintain balance!


How do I know what courses my teachers have recommended?

Teachers began discussing recommendations with students in December and entered recommendations for graduation requirement courses only in Synergy. Those courses are listed on your sheet. If you request a class that requires a prerequisite and you do not have the prerequisite course necessary for that class you will not be able to put that course in your schedule. (Most first year electives do not have a prerequisite).


I want to take courses at HCC (Jumpstart), how do I put this in my schedule?

You will be meeting with your counselor individually through your English classes. This is an excellent topic of discussion for that meeting. Your counselor will be able to provide you with additional information needed during your meeting.


How do I know if my parent(s) agree with my selections?

Please share your printed recommended courses sheet and complete your course registration on-line, with your parents. Your parents will have access to view your selected courses.


What can we do if I do not agree with my teacher’s recommendation?

1) Have a discussion with your teacher to find out why they made the recommendation. 2) Parents may contact the Instructional Team Leader (ITL) of the department of the course in question, to discuss the recommendation and determine whether or not the request is appropriate.  3) If there is still no agreement, complete a Course Placement Review (CPR) form, now available online.  4) Synergy will not allow you to enter a different level of a course that has been recommended by a teacher. Counselors will make the change once the request has been approved. 5) The Course Placement Review form must be completed no later than January 17th.  


When is my completed course selection sheet due?

You will be selecting your courses on-line through Synergy. You must have 7 courses (including teacher recommendations) and three alternates in Synergy by January 17th. Courses will be locked in Synergy by midnight on the 17th. Your selections will be available to view as read only after that time.




Special note: Each student will meet individually with their school counselor in English classes from January 28th through February 14th to discuss and review courses. Counselors will be able to make any changes to your requests during that meeting.*You may not be able to meet with your counselor until your assigned meeting time, please read all information carefully and check the catalog first if you have a question. Write down questions and bring them with you to discuss during your meeting.