Back to School Night Semester II

Fri, 02/05/2021 - 9:57am


On February 11th from 6:00-7:25, we will be holding our second semester Back to School event. The evening will be held virtually following the schedule below. 

Parents will be able to visit student classes using the students HCPSS credentials to access the Meets. That means your student must login to Google Meet from You will not be able to view the Meet codes or to login to the Meet using a personal email address. Meet codes should match what your student is using to access class with one or two exceptions (e.g., Humanities). But, in the event you need a reference, you may login into your students HCPSS.INST account and then access the codes using this resource.  You will not have access to this document if you are logged into a personal gmail account. Requests for access using non-HCPSS email addresses will not be responded to.



6:00-6:30  Drop in Sessions

  • Counseling Center - CHS-counselorcorner

  • Admin - CHSAdmin

  • Athletics - CHSAthletics

6:30-6:40  Visit Period 1 classes

6:45-6:55  Visit Period 2 classes

7:00-7:10  Visit Period 3 classes

7:15-7:25  Visit Period 4 classes