Eagle's Nest 6/29/21

Tue, 06/29/2021 - 9:55am

Dear Centennial Families,


I hope your summer holiday is off to a great start and you are beginning to regain a sense of normalcy. The metrics in Maryland continue to be among the best in the nation causing us to feel great optimism about seeing your brilliant faces in the flesh this fall. So excited! 


As the year winds down, changes in staff inevitably occur. New opportunities present themselves, careers advance, staffing allocations expand and contract, families relocate, and some staff are able to stay home from school forever as they reach the finish line of their careers in education. Below is a quick list of who is coming and going. Please note, staffing changes are effective July 1. 


Flying the Coop: Parting is a bittersweet process. Several of our valued family members are soaring off to new adventures as they begin their retirement chapters and others are moving on to new schools, states, and careers. We wish each of these valued Eagles the best of luck where they land: 

  • Retirees: Cathy Aballo, Marsha Demaree, Rod McCaslin, and Mitch Warren. 

  • Adventurers:  Allysa Houser, Allen Leung, Jenn McKechnie, Sydney Michener, John Spaide, and Ali Ward.


Fledgling Eagles - We would like to extend a hearty welcome to the newest members of our Centennial Community:

  • Ravi Bakhru will be joining our Social Studies department. He comes to us from places as far away as PGCPSS and as near as Folly Quarter Middle School.

  • Matthew Boggs is passing his Clarksville Middle School Orchestra baton over to Mr. Leung as they trade spaces for the coming school year. 

  • Meredith Gregoire-Cope is coming aboard as our new Transition/Work Study teacher joining us from Marriotts Ridge HS. 

  • Liz O’Connor is moving up to us from Glenwood MS as our Student Services ITL and counselor for students A-Co.

  • Amy Seker, from Howard High School, will be joining our science team.

  • Emily Warner, also from Howard High School, will become our new Reading Specialist.


We are still in the process of hiring some new staff to replace a few of our open positions and will continue to update the staff list on the school website (https://chs.hcpss.org/school-staff) throughout the summer. Once again, we are excited to welcome our new Eagles to the nest and happy for our former Eagles who are sure to soar to great heights!  


Have a safe and happy summer,

Principal Dillon