Back to School Night, Aug 26, 6-8 pm

Thu, 08/19/2021 - 8:39pm

We are looking forward to welcoming you Back-to-School on August 26, 2021. The main event will be from 6-8pm. Parents who want to learn more about Naviance or students clubs and organizations to pre-game from 5-6pm.

Before you Visit


This year, we will not have a general assembly at the beginning of the evening. Instead, parents should view this short video and work with their students to map out their visit prior to heading over to school. The video has CC available on YouTube. 

SLIDE DECK - If you just want to scroll through the informational slides, click on the link!



On August 25th, the date student schedules will be viewable in Synergy, ask your student to assist you in locating the classrooms you will visit using the CHS Interactive Map. To use the map, enter the room number you will be starting at, then the room number you want to travel to, and click ‘Directions’. The map will draw a line for you indicating the best path to follow to get to your destination. You will need to repeat this process for each class change (ie., Pd 1-Pd 2, Pd 2-Pd 3, etc.). While you will be able ot use the map in real time while you are at the building, you will need to login to our network as a guest - there are a lot of ‘dead’ spots in our building that make using your cell service unreliable. 


Planning your visit:

The schedule for our BTS event is as follows:

5:00-7:00 Gallery Walk of clubs and activities in the Media Center.
5:00-5:50 Naviance Open House in Student Services - For parents new to Naviance or those who want a refresher 
5:50-6:00 Parents report to period one classroom.

6:00-8:00 Administrators and Counselors available in the main lobby for questions or support. 

6:00-6:10 Period 1
6:15-6:25 Period 2
6:30-6:40 Period 3
6:45-6:55 Period 4A
7:00-7:10 Period 4B
7:15-7:25 Period 5
7:30-7:40 Period 6