CHS PTSA - After Prom Appreciation

Wed, 04/27/2022 - 6:37am

“CHS LATE NIGHT 2022 – Centennial’s After Prom Party” THANKS YOU!!

A HUGE THANK YOU to all in the Centennial community who contributed to CHS Late Night 2022, Centennial’s After Prom Party. The evening was a HUGE success with ~400 students enjoying a safe and FUN night after the Prom. We couldn’t have done it without the AMAZING 70 generous donors, 12 awesome business sponsors, 14 fabulous CHS students and 32 dedicated CHS parent volunteers who gave their time, money, energy, and/or creativity to help make the evening special. A special thanks to the following CHS Late Night 2022 After Prom Committee members who put so much time and effort into the event: Anne Sellers, Alisa Brandes, Deborah Kariuki, Susan Su, Rosalind Muchiri, Tingyi Huang, and Yali Mao. Last but not least, BIG SHOUT OUT to our very first CHS After Prom student management team: Aaron Sorak (leader&content creator), Karen Peng (leader), Ximing Luo (artist), Peter Wang (film production), Darren De Groff (actor), Julia Ye, Neha Dinesh, Lindsey Zhang, Krystal Wu, Camryn Bell, Jaylin Smith, Njeri Mbugua, Justin Fahie, and Leah Ankutse.


12 Business Sponsors: The Main Event in the Columbia Mall, Centennial Boosters, Wegmans, Climate Pro Mechanical Heating & Air, Naweichi Temu, LLC, Fulton Bank, Ameristar (c/o Kandie), Benjamin K Kibiku, The Pediatric Center LLC, RH Enterprises, Inc (Rob Herold), Asian Court, and Fortune Washington Realty Group (Yiwei Chang)


70 Donors: Abby Adebanjo, Aimee Wasson, Alexandra Finkler, Alice Haupt, Andrea Bennett, Anne Sellers, Bridget Beaudoin-Schwartz, Charles Lu & Xiaolan Wei, Christine Fritz, Cindy Millen, Corinne Pavuk, Dana Maciorowski, Darla Dietrich, David Lassman, Deborah Kariuki, Dionne Chambers, Dr. Donna Barriteau, Edwin Aguilar, Emmanuel Ankutse, Felicia Salazar, Gail Mielke, Gina Molz, James Hagen, Jason Mielke, Jennifer Li, Jennifer Whang, Jonathan Littlefield, Joseph & Jennifer Cavey, Julie Kreidel, Katherine Feldman, Katherine Hall, Katherine Markowitz, Kathryn Held, Kay Vandenberg, Kelly Smith, Kevin Allen, Kevin Bellamy, Kim Wireman, Kristin Jacob, Laura Bush, Lauren Longwell, Lihua Liang, Lilly & Chung Hai Cheng, Lisa Kuta, Lorie Snyder, Mary Jorgensen, Melissa Whipkey, Michelle Berry, Mrs Lorrie Bill Snyder, Natalie Belcher, Ragonese Family, Robert Yore, Robin Thomas, Rosalind Muchiri, Ruth Ganunis, Sandy Wen, Scott Blackman, Shari Orszula, Stephanie Costello, Stephanie Jurkovic, Susan Su, Suzanne Rothrock, Tingyi Huang, Tmmy Webster, Traci Pellegrini, Xiao Qin, Xiaolan Wei, Yali Mao, Yingdong & Emily Yuan.

32 CHS Parent Volunteers: Anne Sellers, Alisa Brandes, Beth Murphy, Christine Fritz, Denise StYves, Deborah Kariuki, Dionne Chambers, Eileen Singleton, Elise Allen, Jennifer Stile, Jennifer Whang, John Muchiri, Julie Kreidel, Karen Mitchell, Karin Hilser, Katherine Feldman, Lana Konoplev, Linda Gail Claus, Lorri Raney, Lynn Rashid, Mike Fang, Natalie Belcher, Sandra te Plate, Sarah Mugo, Steph Jurkovic, Stephanie Costello & Mr. Costello, Susan Su, Tingyi Huang, Timothy May, Xiaoyin Wang, Xiao Qin, Ying Shi.