Sr. Class Calendar of Events

Thu, 04/07/2022 - 12:35pm

Dear Parents/Guardians and Seniors,

With the start of the fourth quarter, all the excitement for the Class of 2022 is in full motion. As of today, there are 28 school days left before our senior class concludes their secondary school careers. This letter primarily contains important information about our graduation ceremony and other closing activities. Thank you for your unwavering support this year as you all have worked very hard to make Centennial High School a flagship school in our county.  It is critical that you review the enclosed information carefully.  There are several key areas that are highlighted.

On or about April 29th during lunch shifts, seniors will complete a survey via Naviance that will provide the school with information about future plans, college acceptance, scholarship offers and feedback on the counseling program. They will also complete a required survey from the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE). All surveys must be submitted by May 3.

As we’ve already shared, our Graduation Ceremony will take place at Merriweather Post Pavilion on June 3 at 11:00am. Each senior will receive twelve (12) tickets. If you are not going to use all of your allotted tickets, we ask that you return them to the office. We will have a very limited number of tickets available for special requests after tickets are distributed to the senior class. Therefore, those who wish to request additional seats should first reach out to neighbors who may not be using their share before they return them to us. We want to set a dignified tone for our commencement ceremony. Our experience tells us that when students and children are under adult supervision, the tone of graduation is an appropriate one. Accordingly, we ask that families, their guests and children sit together as a group.

A Special Seating Request Form for disabled guests is available on our school website. You may also obtain a paper copy in the front office. All forms must be submitted by Friday, May 6.

Please adhere to all stated deadlines. These dates are non-negotiable. In addition, all students benefit when attendance of seniors is required at the following events:

            May 23:           Exams Begin - Seniors are required to take all final exams.

            May 24:           Rehearsal #1, CHS Auditorium at 12:20-2:10pm – Attendance will be taken

            May 25:           Rehearsal #2, CHS Auditorium at 12:35-2:10pm – Attendance will be taken

            May 26:           Sr. Farewell Assembly, CHS Auditorium at 7:25-10:00am

            June 3:            Graduation Ceremony, Merriweather Post Pavilion at 11:00am. Seniors must be in-line by 10:30am. Underclassmen will be dismissed from school at 10:00am.


The Senior Community Awards Ceremony is Wednesday, May 25 at 7:00pm. We would like all seniors to participate in this activity to celebrate their classmates. That said, attendance is not required. Parents will receive notification if their senior is to be recognized or receive an award during this event.

Students are expected to adjust work schedules and other obligations to participate in required senior activities because we believe that high school graduation deserves the highest priority.  Students may choose not to participate in all graduation events - including commencement - by submitting their intention to be excused in writing to me by May 1st. Parents must be included in that communication.

Monitor your senior’s attendance and grades from now until the end of the year.  Seniors must complete all required courses and exams in order to walk the stage at Merriwether on the 3rd.  Students participate in the graduation ceremony ONLY if they have completed ALL requirements for graduation. Please don’t allow your child to be removed from the ceremony because they have failed to meet the requirements for graduation.

Finally, we ask you to caution your child to make good decisions and choices in the coming month. Remind students that all school rules and school system policies are in effect at all senior events. We all know that, in the past, some students have made serious errors in judgment relating to ‘senior pranks’, post-prom indulgences, and other borderline business. These missteps - particularly those that occur around prom and alcohol violations - have led to some seniors being excluded from graduation in the past. Therefore, we strongly encourage families to take advantage of the After-Prom Event sponsored by the PTSA. This is one way we can ensure students are able to celebrate together without the risk of losing out on the main event. We want every student to take those symbolic steps into their future together as a class on June 3rd.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call. We look forward to sharing this memorable experience with all seniors and their families.


Cynthia B. Dillon, Principal