An Important Message for parents about our GT Research Program

Wed, 01/11/2023 - 12:24pm
  • Is your child looking for a class that will help them stand out from the crowd?
  • Our GT Research graduates have attended some elite colleges in recent years: Harvard, Princeton, Yale, MIT, RIT, Univ. of Penn., Duke, JHU, UMCP Honors Program, Stanford, UVA, USAF Academy, Northwestern U., Michigan, Wake Forest, and Tufts U., just to name a few. Would your child be interested in that type of college?
  • Would your child be interested in an Intern/Mentor class, where they would have the opportunity to engage in college-level research, writing, networking, and presenting skills? Kids come back to tell us how much taking this class helped them in college!
  • Would it be helpful to your child to have a portfolio of original research and a recommendation from a professional to show to college admissions officers?
  • Would an Independent Research class where scholarly research is conducted in conjunction with an adviser in that field benefit your student?
  • Would it benefit your child to have a class where they choose their area of study so they can go beyond what a typical class or even an AP class can offer? 
  • Does an Intern/Mentor class where your student would work on-site with a professional in their chosen field of study sound like something that would benefit your student?

Students must register and submit an application for the class they are interested in taking next year. If your child is interested in applying, they should start the application process right away; there are multiple steps, and the class is selective. Applications are due by Friday, January 27th and will not be accepted late.

Applications for both classes are available in QR codes posted outside room 901, on the CHS website, and/or by clicking the applicable link below:

Independent Research Application                                 

Intern/Mentor Application

If you have any questions about our GT Advanced Research Program, please contact Toni Ireland, the CHS G/T Resource Teacher, at, or visit our school website at