**Midterm Exams, January 17-20, 2023**

Fri, 01/06/2023 - 10:11am

In order to help your child prepare for midterms, many teachers have uploaded study materials to the shared folder linked below. If you do not see information about a specific course, please ask your student if the material is online or has been shared in class. Our final after school support session for underclassemen will be held on Wednesday from 2:15pm-3pm in the Media Center.  

Study Materials

Students will take midterm exams from Tuesday, January 17th through Friday, January 20th. Please follow this link for the midterm exams schedule.This year, midterm exams will count for 10% of year-long courses and 20% of semester courses, and typically cover material from the first semester. These assessments may look different in various classes, and may include exams, projects, or presentations. Each teacher will provide students with specific information about the midterm format for their class. Additionally, teachers have already started to review for these assessments in various ways during their classes and support sessions are available after school on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (January 9th-11th) for any interested underclassmen (9th and 10th graders). These sessions will be peer-led by our various content-based honor societies and held in the Media Center from 2:15pm-3pm each afternoon. No transportation will be provided, so please make sure that your student has a way to get home after receiving support. More specific information about midterm review guides and other options run by teachers will be posted to the school's website on Monday. Please reach out to our 9th Grade Team Leader Ms. McDonough (Kelli_McDonough@hcpss.org) with any questions. 

Midterm exams schedule 2023