Hispanic Graduation Sarapes (stoles)

Thu, 02/16/2023 - 2:38pm

The HCPSS Hispanic Achievement Program is currently selling sarapes (stoles) to Hispanic and Latino graduating seniors. For these students, wearing the sarape on top of their graduation gown represents their accomplishments, celebration with their family, connection with their cultural roots, and the Hispanic community at large.

The sale of sarapes started February 1st and will continue through May 8th. Purchases can be made by visiting https://osp.osmsinc.com/p/DA601-1, select the tab “Hispanic Achievement” to initiate the order. For your convenience, the history of the sarapes and the initiative in HCPSS for graduating seniors is available in both English and Spanish. Direct questions to Gaston Gamez, Hispanic Achievement Specialist at (410) 313-6667.